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Navy London was created in 2006 by stylist Greg Lang.

After an exciting and successful career in womenswear styling, Navy London evolved after constant requests from models, celebrities and fashion industry insiders, asking to hold onto the clothes that Greg had painstakingly sourced for these fashion shoots.

With a natural eye for trends and a perfect understanding of fashion, garment construction, quality and style, Greg’s magpie qualities for fashion discovery have been put to wonderful use in creating his own womenswear label: Navy London.
Researching all around the world at vintage boutiques, flea markets and thrift stores, Greg has created a label which was first shown in London. From here things grew and Navy was soon snapped up by UK and international stockists including Top Shop’s flagship store in London.

Through Greg’s careful fashion forecasting, Navy London is immaculately on trend for each season. All the pieces of each collection are so cleverly fashionable yet manage to remain discreet, allowing them to be worn by anyone with great confidence and true individual style.


Mel Giltrow 07770792325

Top Shop,
Oxford Circus, London


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